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Nature without wildlife is unthinkable and is its only habitat, which is incumbent upon us to protect and revere -climate change is real and the animals are the first to ring the alarm – which is ringing, now. 


Moving to the North Carolina mountains unlocked my potential for truly seeing the whole of the scene before me, and realizing how fortunate I was to have such natural beauty just outside my door I decided I wanted to share wherever I was with my viewer.


I am naturally drawn to water – observing it from land as well as on its surface, as water changes constantly and can give us clues as to what kind of weather may be looming in the distance.


The beauty of any flower is perfection in all ways and to capture its fleeting brilliance is a way to keep the enjoyment alive long past the wilting of the blooms.

Still lifes

Animals don’t stay still very long unless they have already left this plane but still lifes will forever be the standard by which form, light and composition will always have a steady platform.

Pets-People-Home Portraits

Every artist has requests for these commissions and sometimes the artist chooses to paint such subject matter because of a strong emotional connection, which I try to find through inquiry so that I might portray such.

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