Raney Rogers

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In a world where government and business establishments barrel forward with new ways to generate a following and increase profits, where does that leave the artist who is committed to their craft and intends to create a living for themselves?

In a recent political speech an attorney stated that what is needed more in the political arena are doctors, engineers, scientists and mathematicians. This way we can all benefit from a well rounded and more informed approach to how to move towards a world better suited for our needs, according to this man’s discourse. It is interesting that “Artists” is no where on that list.

Is there any reason that there is STILL a block in people’s minds about the validity and valued contribution an artist can make to society? Is not the right brain of significance to the formation of a complete mindset for us to approach issues involving everyone’s lives?
Why is it that the left brain is still dominant in all major decisions and directions, which has proven in the past not to work, and is doomed to not working in the future unless we replace some of the cogs in our wheel of manufacture.

What is so wrong with welcoming the aspect of thoughtful, analytical and soul searching components into the din of logical introspection. Are we still so archaic in our thinking that to introduce feeling, visionary perception and creative tweaking arouses fear, lack of control or outright flightiness to otherwise sound concepts? Do we consider thoughtful, soul searching, creative types to be weak and ineffectual?

In the art world there are artists out there who have subscribed to the left brain approach to their craft. They spend great amounts of time figuring out ways to get people to buy their work. They speak in their loudest, brashest voices with learned cunning and craftiness why some should buy their work and what ownership of their creations will do for them. These artists have bought in to the left brain world of commerce and over and over again it becomes apparent in the paintings they create. They become soulless, staid and vapid reminders of selling out or settling for less than what their authentic selves have to give.

Until credence is given to the Artist and what they can contribute to the world, we will continue to move in circles around the very core of what scares us the most….soulful expression. We are still afraid to say what we really think, feel or need to do. We are still dragged around by dark suits with faceless heads who feed off deposits and withdrawals from the wrong kind of bank account.

It is not too late though, to take the time to ponder what creativity and artists truly have to offer to the world. How novel is the idea to advance through life feeling the emotions of those around you, of knowing that someone is striving to show that they care or that what you are doing is important and of necessity to come from within. We all might actually learn from such an environment and be all the better for the experience of doing so.

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