Raney Rogers

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Arts and Cultural Districts

Kinston is steadily becoming an Arts and Cultural District for tourists and locals as well.  Don’t think so?  Have some doubts?  In my opinion not only is it happening, it will continue to happen and indeed become a “destination for the arts” kind of culture.  I have seen it before.  And it starts with close […]

Art and Nature

The New Year has certainly given me time to pause and more closely consider how I will spend my time this year as opposed to last.  I am more committed to my art now than ever before and am being led to deeper decisions which further define the elements within my craft.  I am ecstatic […]

Heart of the Artist

I read recently that a trade was when the person uses their hands, a craft is when they use their hands and mind and an art employs the hands, mind and heart. For an artist it is not enough to merely imitate through technique or process but there is also an immersion into what that […]

Artists in Society

In a world where government and business establishments barrel forward with new ways to generate a following and increase profits, where does that leave the artist who is committed to their craft and intends to create a living for themselves? In a recent political speech an attorney stated that what is needed more in the […]

Journey of an Artist

There is much controversy in the art world as to what is the best avenue for an artist to take in gaining notoriety and wealth from their work. The old adage was that the creative one was to paint as many pieces as possible and do them as well as their abilities could muster, then, […]